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Our World in Space and Time Bookgammon™ Set Hollow Book Safe

Though published in 1960, this striking red book SCREAMS the 50s! Aside from making it a Bookgammon™ set, all the work on it was done in the 50s, so it makes sense for it to exude that decade. I could see it on Richie Cunningham’s shelf, and if that’s the case, it couldn’t be more innocent and all-American. If that doesn’t sell this sucker, nothing will. That won’t stop me from trying, though. I generally tend to take the best books I find and make them into backgammon sets (unless the title is ideal for another category), and this one is no exception.

This beautiful book(gammon) compliments any Space, and backgammon’s a great way to kill Time. That’s our World. It’s probably worth mentioning that you can also HIDE stuff in this. How many more uses do you need? I mean, it comes with washers, so like, if you needed a washer, you’re covered. If that’s not enough, perhaps you’re just too hard to please. Just saying.

Our World in Space and Time Published by International Graphic Society 1960

Repurposed 2020

Book Size: 7 3/4″ x 9 5/8″ x 1″

Playfield Size: 8″ x 12 1/2″

Checker Size: 3/4″


-Magnetized boards for maximum mobility (coupled with the following)

-The checkers are washers for maximum replaceability (they often go AWOL)

-Considering the above, they’re perfect for travel abroad…conveniently play backgammon or stow your passport, etc. (room safes are targeted more frequently than books)

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions14.125 × 12 × 3.5 in


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