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Men, Ships, and the Sea Nautical Bookgammon™ Set

Nautical backgammon set with seafaring graphics in black and red adorn the front of this natural white cloth Bookgammon™ set, with black lettering on the spine. Inside, the triangles are made from beautiful antique maps and paintings reproduced in the book, which was written by Alan Villiers, an Aussie. He was quite the mariner, having commanded ships for films such as Moby Dick as well as being a whaler of all things. That last bit might raise some ire, being a fairly egregious profession in today’s climate. Speaking of climate (that one’s going to be up for Segment of the Year at one of the Slybrary’s gala balls, #galaballs), have you caught the United Nations World Ocean Assessment? If you’re a climate-change denier, odds are you haven’t. After thousands of years of the oceans providing for us while keeping us at bay with periodic displays of its formidable power, it looks like the tide’s turned in our favor…(see Description below for more)

…Marine science prof at UConn, Ann Bucklin, summed up the assessment as such, “In short, climate change is now causing marked shifts in ocean environments and ecosystems, with dramatic consequences for marine communities, food webs, and species. Beyond the next few decades, if emissions continue to rise unchecked, the risks are profound. Climate impacts may alter patterns and pathways of ocean circulation and mixing; melt polar ice caps; and cause mass extinctions of plants and animals.” I don’t see a downside to reducing emissions, whether you believe in global warming or not. Pollution sucks, traffic sucks, factory farming’s treatment of animals sucks, and we waste a lot of energy leaving lights on and trying to be comfy, and waste a lot of time looking at screens (thanks for looking now though). Tune out, turn off, give up, drop out with me 😉


Capt. Alan Villiers


7 7/8 x 11 1/4 x 1 1/8


-Magnetized boards for maximum mobility (coupled with the following)

-The checkers are washers for maximum replaceability (they often go AWOL)

-Considering the above, they’re perfect for travel abroad…conveniently play backgammon or stow your passport, etc. (room safes are targeted more frequently than books)

Weight3.3 lbs
Dimensions14.125 × 12 × 3.5 in


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