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American Girl Book of First Date Stories

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This book came out about 20 years before my first date, and I’m glad styles changed. Dates depicted on the cover look so formal. I hope that’s their prom, because that was the first time I ever wore a tux, which is why it was also the first time I ever did some breakdancing in a tux. Yep. It’s true, and it wasn’t pretty. It was, however, pretty funny and a big hit at the time. See, I’m not a very strong breakdancer, so I basically just laid on my back while my buddy spun me around like a top. The tux was obviously a rental. There was a fair amount of liquid courage involved as well; I recall rolling into the venue with two one-gallon jugs filled with Long Island Iced Teas. Yowza.

Classic, crisp, clean graphic on the front, blue with the Girl Scout logo on the back. The inside has a drawing of a giant green charm bracelet. If you can find some of the charms depicted, you could put them in this book safe for an unforgettable gift!

Published 1963

Compartment Size: 4″ x 6 1/2″ x 5/8″

Book Size: 5 3/4″ x 8 1/2″ x 3/4″

Weight.9375 lbs
Dimensions11.25 × 8.75 × 6 in


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