Betty Crocker New Picture Cook Book Safe

This colorful book safe is the ultimate hiding spot for your secret recipes! You can also put your weed in it! I guess that could be redundant, and if it is, what time’s dinner?


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Betty Crocker never actually existed! I didn’t know that. Can’t trust anyone, it seems. All the more reason to hide stuff, and what better place than a book safe? Who wants to look at old recipes anyway? The ones that do are the types to find your shit no matter what, so you’re on your own there. The graphics on this book remind me of the Partridge Family bus, minus the food, of course.



Betty Crocker ‘s New Picture Cook Book

Book Safe by J.J. Pomegranate

Published 1961

Recreated 2020

Compartment Size: 6″ x 8″ x 7/8″

Book Size: 7 3/4″ x 9 1/2″ x 1″


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