Book Safes for Any Occasion

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One of a Kind Creations

Here you’ll find all the book safes created by the Public Slybrary. We’re making things with real vintage books you won’t find anywhere else! Original games (in books) like Bookgammon™ (backgammon), Shut-the-Boox™ (shut-the-box), Predictionaries™ and Fortune Tellers/Keepers™ (ouija boards). They’re all incredible hiding spots and beautiful home decor. That’s dual purpose right there. You add the fact that some are games, planters, and clocks and what you have is MULTIPURPOSE, BABY! Talk about the perfect gift. Book lovers love these. Book haters appreciate them too.

More Fun and Games in Book Safes

You want more games? We’ve put all kinds of games in books and some are wholesome! We have Quarnhole!™ (cornhole for quarters, decidedly unwholesome), chess (wholesome AND cerebral), dominoes (could go either way), jacks (definitely wholesome), paper football (wholesome during lunch, not so much during study hall, or worse, detention), and just about anything else we can think of. Sign up below to be alerted when a new creation hits the Slybrary. 

We also have plenty of empty book safes you can fill with your own unmentionables or otherwise. If that’s not enough, you can Contact Us for custom jobs. Maybe you need a book safe for a gun of a particular size or something like that. We’ve made some for stamp collections. We’ve also put family pictures in the cavity for special gifts. The only limits are your imagination, and mostly the size of the book. Feel free to send us you’re own book, we don’t mind. The important thing is we save as many books as possible. Beautiful books. Great hiding spots. What’s not to love?