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Saving Books with Book Safes

A Little Bit About Our "Institution" Repurposing Books with a Purpose

Repurposing books into book safes make for a great hiding spot!
Repurposing books into book safes make for a great hiding spot! Can you tell which ones are safes?

The Public Slybrary takes repurposing books to an entirely different level. We make all of our one of a kind hollow book safes, games, art and more from real vintage books. They’re the perfect gift for book lovers, and book haters if you think about it. Either way, you won’t find more unique literary-themed gifts anywhere, and they make GREAT hiding spots!

The Head Slybrarian and King of Repurposing Books

The Public Slybrary’s collection is handcrafted by J.J. Pomegranate who, along with his wife Julie, are mystics of peace and apostles of liberty. They’re ideal is to serve the well-being of the planet. They aren’t fanatics about it, but they built the Slybrary upon that principle. After repeatedly seeing huge bins of mistreated books being rounded up for recycling or worse, they schemed up this entire unlikely enterprise.

They travel the land scouring thrift stores and hand picking the books to be used. This way a portion of the money for each saved book goes to charity. That’s win/win in our, ahem, book. Sadly, there seems to be an endless supply of books out there, but the Slybrary is up to the task. We make more unique variations of book safes than anyone on the planet!

New Twists on Repurposing Books

Repurposing books into book safes with games and so much more!

We have quite a few book safes you won’t find anywhere else. There’s no better place to buy the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Public Slybrary originals include Bookgammon™, Shut-the-Boox™, Predictionaries™ and Fortune Tellers/Keepers™ (ouija boards), Secret Gardens™ (planters), TimeSavers™ (clocks), LockBoox™ (locking safes), and Router Shrouders™ (to block those annoying lights).

The rest of our Vice Vaults™ (book safes) hold various forms of vices. These range from Quarnhole™ (our version of cornhole for quarters), flasks (ImBibles), rolling machines & papers (Reeference Books), playing cards, dice, and various other surprises. As if that weren’t enough, we also have Nōtbooks™ (notebooks, also made from old books).

Some Slybrary ‘History’

The term Vice Vaults is ostensibly a tribute to J.J.’s great-granduncle, “Jumping” Jehoshaphat Pomegranate. He was the superintendent of The Holistic College and Health Resort, a “utopian sanitarium” based on progressive principles he developed and advocated…not a cult, the judge said so. However, the judge also concluded that “Mr. Pomegranate and his vices should be locked away in a vault.” That always seemed harsh, thus our tribute. You can read more about these fascinating characters in our Blog.




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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should make an exception with these.

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