Where Book Art meets Book SafePutting the fun in functional art!

Welcome to the Public Slybrary’s Book Art Wing! This is where we house our more ambitious book safes, those elevated to fine art.

Books are arguably one of the most important things to happen to civilization, and not far behind them is their demise as we flirt with Idiocracy. The lamentation for the books’ apparent fall from grace is the impetus for the Public Slybrary’s efforts. We retain the books’ inherent artistry while altering its usefulness from making knowledge available to the public to that of concealing it.

Our goal is to safe the world, one book at a time. It’s disheartening to see how many books end up at thrift stores, and how many of those move on to recycling or landfills. That’s why we scour every thrift store we stumble across, hand picking beautiful vintage books. This way we’re not only saving all of our books from recycling or landfills, but the thrift stores use the money for charitable causes. That’s a double shot of good karma built right into our business model.

We also use primarily salvaged materials for the sculptures. None of this deserves praise, it’s pretty much the least we could do, the slacktivists that we are. Regardless, we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor.


These sculptures represent the pinnacle of book safes as book art, putting the fun in functional art.