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Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

The Public Slybrary aims to be in the service of humanity and to that end we don’t want any hard feelings. If you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know by clicking here or Contact in the menu and we’ll work with you to make it right. Please keep in mind that we cut these books the old fashioned way, with a band saw. Someday we hope to use lasers, but until then our safes and games may exhibit slightly rustic notes that our “marketing department” says lends to their charm. These marks of distinction are most assuredly barely noticeable and relegated to the crafts’ cavities, meaning the books appear to be books regardless. All that aside, if it’s too off-putting for you, click here or use Contact in the menu and we’ll take care of it.

As far as shipping goes, standard is free to the US and beyond that, it gets kind of complicated. Lots of options depending on carrier, size, weight, distance, expediency, etc. We want to do what’s optimal for you and feel that a couple of emails or a phone call might be the most efficient way to come to that conclusion. As usual, click here or use Contact in the menu and we’ll work this ship out.