Reeference Book Safes to Put Your Weed In

Professor Pomegranate’s Reeference Book Book Safes are a specific brand of our Vice Vaults™. They encompass subjects that cause even the most ardent academician’s eyes to glaze over with boredom. Little will their big brains know the secret knowledge therein contained. There’s not much more satisfying than outsmarting an authority figure. Especially one that thinks they’re intellectually superior. Not having your contraband confiscated is pretty satisfying too. I’ve heard.

We outfit most of our Reeference Books with a combination of some if not all of the following paraphernalia: rolling machine, rolling papers, a one-hitter, and a stash canister.

Click on a Reeference Book™ below to see more pics and the full specs, or Contact Us if you’d like us to make one using a book of your choosing.