Imbibles and SaveYours Bible Book Safes

Rev. JJ Pomegranate’s ImBibles and SaveYours™ are bible book safes that are ideal for hiding things in plain sight. Feel reasonably confident that none but the most fervent and fanatical people you encounter will be even remotely curious about the book’s contents. Those that are and discover your secret were likely to find something to judge you for sooner or later.

Most of our bible book safes come with flasks, that’s why we call them ImBibles. If that’s offensive, consider you can fill them with holy water. Those that don’t fit flasks are left empty so you can save your valuables. We call these SaveYours. Like saviors. Get it? Don’t worry, if anybody’s going to hell for this, it’s us.

Click on an ImBible™ or SaveYour™ below to see more pics and the full specs, or Contact Us if you’d like us to make one using a book of your choosing.