Book Safes with Random Games

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Here you’ll find our book safes with random games that don’t fit in our other categories. For instance, when we find appropriate books, we like to put random games like chess and dominoes inside. But we don’t just stop there.

We tend to have plenty of book safes with dice and playing cards. We presume they’ll be used for gambling purposes, because it fits with our whole Vice Vaults theme. But they don’t have to be. Hopefully they’re at least used for drinking games. Cheers!

But wait, there’s more! Whenever possible, we include the cafeteria/study hall/detention classic staple, Paper Football. And that’s not all. We have jacks, vintage dexterity games, yo-yos, basically whatever we can find that might inject a little fun here and there.

Click on a book safe below to see more pics and the full specs, or Contact Us if you’d like us to make one using a book of your choosing.