Book Safes with Games

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The Public Slybrary is all about fun and games. Here you’ll find all of the book safes with games we have to offer, as well as those we’ve sold over the years. We exclusively make games like Bookgammon™, Shut-the-Boox™, Fortune Tellers/Keepers™, Quarnhole!™, Predictionaries™, and even Paper Football. All are in book safes made from real vintage books.

We don’t stop there. We also outfit our book safes with games that are considered classics. We’re talking things like dice, dominoes, playing cards, chess, and more. Heck, we put just about any games that fit, but we try to keep it appropriate to the book being used. For instance, we’ve been known to put the old playground game, jacks, in vintage children’s books. Now that’s nostalgic.

Click on a book safe below to see more pics and the full specs, or Contact Us if you’d like us to make one using a book of your choosing.