Book Safes with Treasures

All but our book safes are treasures of sorts, but this selection contains very specific, hand-curated vintage items. They also tend to directly correspond to the book in which they’re contained. It could be anything from a compass in Moby Dick to a magnifying glass in a Sherlock Holmes novel. It’s like a kickstart to your own treasure hunting, and hiding.

These Public Slybrary treasures make unforgettable gifts. Each requires a fair amount of serendipity to make it to this point. The odds of finding many of the treasures and then the appropriate book, or vise versa, are often pretty slim. Consequently, they’re one of a kind book safes you or someone you love will treasure for a lifetime.

Click on a book safe below to see more pics and the full specs, or Contact Us if you’d like us to make one using a book of your choosing.