Predictionaries™ and Fortune Tellers/Keepers™ Rules


TELL your fortune with the ouija board and KEEP your fortune in the book safe.

No ouija board instructions would be complete without a reasonable amount of build up, and here’s ours. Cue the ominous voice…Steeped in the traditions of occult and paranormal mysteries, our Madame Pomegranate’s Predictionaries™ and Fortune Tellers/Keepers™ are Ouija Board Book Safes can be used to communicate with the beyond. Who knows? First you find out where they hid the good stuff, then use the book safe to hide the good stuff mo’ better.

Below you’ll find standard ouija board instructions for “safe” operation. Essentially, “safe” is in quotes because the instructions take the supernatural claims of the game rather seriously. Rest assured, it’s just a game. That said, and to clarify, the more seriously it’s taken, the more fun it can be.

Additionally, we include a Miracle Fish Fortune Teller for a 2nd opinion. We’re just trying to give you the tools to succeed, what you do with them is up to you. Furthermore, contact your spirit guide (or click on a pic below) for more info.

Without further adieu, the Ouija Board Instructions:

  • First, set the Predictionary™ or Fortune Teller/Keeper™ on a table between and within reach of the players.
  • After, set the planchette in the middle of the board.
  • Next, each player sets two fingers lightly on the planchette.
  • Above all, care should be taken that only one person ask questions at a time so as to avoid confusion. Similarly, the questions should be put plainly and accurately.

Cue that ominous voice again and try to suspend disbelief:

In order to achieve best results, it’s important that those present should concentrate upon the matter in question and avoid other topics. Equally important, there should be nobody at the table who will NOT sit seriously and respectfully. Furthermore, if you use it in a frivolous spirit, like asking ridiculous questions and laughing over it, you won’t get the desired results. consequently you get undeveloped influences around you. Be that as it may, if you’re having fun, then it’s working as intended.

In any event, here’s a Disclaimer:

Finally, the Ouija is a great mystery and we do not claim to give exact directions for its management. Likewise, there’s no guarantee it will work equally well at all times and under all circumstances. However, we DO claim and guarantee that with reasonable patience and judgment it will more than satisfy your greatest expectation. In other words, you get out of it what you put into it. With this in mind, just have fun.