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Rescue. Repair. Repurpose. Reuse.

Books destined to be shred, made into safes instead.

The Public Slybrary's Head Slybrarian and a bit about our 'institution'

the book craft master
Trying to look professional.

J.J. Pomegranate

The Public Slybrary’s collection of handmade hollow book games and safes is created by J.J. Pomegranate, a mystic of peace and an apostle of liberty whose ideal is to serve the well-being of humanity. He’s not a fanatic about it, though, he’s more of a slacktivist.

Behold the fruits of his slacktivism for slack! We’re talking FUN and GAMES…actually, we supply the GAMES, the FUN’s on YOU!

We make our Bookgammon™ sets because backgammon is one of the oldest games of this current civilization, plus backgammon was outlawed in the 16th Century due to a gambling prohibition, during which time they took to concealing the game in books. Those are 2 excellent reasons as far as we’re concerned.

Our Predictionaries™ and Fortune Tellers/Keepers™ are ouija book safes based on the parlor game commercially popularized ~130 years ago. As far as games go, it’s made quite a stir over the years, really freaking out the most superstitious apes among us. That’s awesome.

The rest of our Vice Vaults™ (book safes) hold various forms of vices, ranging from Quarnhole™ (our version of cornhole for quarters), Shut-the-Boox™, decks of cards, dice, flasks, rolling machines & papers and various other surprises.

The term Vice Vaults is a tribute to J.J.’s great-granduncle, “Jumping” Jehoshaphat Pomegranate, the superintendent of The Holistic College and Health Resort, which was a “utopian sanitarium” based on progressive principles he developed and advocated…not a cult, the judge said so. However, the judge also concluded that “Mr. Pomegranate and his vices should be locked away in a vault.” That always seemed harsh, thus our tribute. You can read more about these fascinating characters in our Blog.

All books used have been saved from recycling or landfills and repurposed into these functional works of art.

  • Neodymium magnetic clasp.
  • Slybrary book pocket labels provide an additional cash stash (included when pictured).
  • Pluck-n-Pull foam, because books don’t rattle (included when pictured).
  • Beautiful books with big, square cuts. A lot of book safes feature elaborate or curved cuts that don’t maximize cavity space. We believe the outside of your book safe is the only part that should be seen, so we use the most stylish books and ensure they hold as much as possible.




hollow book safes advice

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should make an exception with these.

Jeff, dropper of knowledge