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Our goal is to SAFE the world!

One book at a time.

Hollowed Books providing endless ENTERTAINMENT! Play Games! Hide Treasures!

Our 'books' are more FUN with friends!

As great and important as reading is, it’s a solitary endeavor, and what with the proliferation of screens vying for everyone’s attention, people aren’t taking the opportunity to connect face-to-face. What better way than over a game and maybe a drink…heck, might as well make a drinking game out of it!

The Slybrary takes great pride in being the ONLY source for one-of-a-kind, hollow book backgammon sets (our Bookgammon™ line)Shut-the-Boox™Predictionaries™ and Fortune Tellers/Keepers™ (ouija board book safes), Quarnhole™, Secret Gardens™ (planter book safes), LockBoox™, and our Vice Vaults™, which is what we call book safes because we stuff them with things less adventurous spirits deem ‘wicked’.

Among the implements of immorality are things like flasks, rolling machines & papers, decks of cards and dice for gambling and drinking games. You know, vices. All of the aforementioned items are kept secure and on the QT in safes handcrafted from real, vintage books by our Head Slybrarian, J.J. Pomegranate.







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You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you should make an exception with these.

Jeff, dropper of knowledge